Jeff Cotrupe’s Stratecast report analyzes big data at the speed of business: real-time analytics


Companies are starting to get a handle on Big Data, accessing all types of data from all relevant sources–but the pace of business, and of life itself, now demands they take it a step further by equipping their people with real-time insights. Jeff Cotrupe’s Stratecast report, Monetizing Core Big Data Technology: Real-time Analytics, is a 29-page analysis of arguably the hottest (and certainly the “fastest”) area of the Big Data and analytics (BDA) market.

The report asserts there is not a private or public organization on the planet that cannot benefit from real-time insights, and illustrates the point with many case study snapshots of companies, from large enterprises to SMBs, which are obtaining not just quantifiable but bankable results through the deployment of real-time analytics. The report tackles business factors shaping the need for real-time analytics; the technologies it takes to deliver it, including in-memory processing; and the need for a balanced view of real-time analytics as one of three “data speeds” companies need today (along with near-real-time and batch analytics).

The report also identifies more than 60 BDA providers, out of the nearly 400 that Stratecast tracks in the market, who deliver the most effective real-time analytics solutions. In addition, each case study snapshot identifies the vendor and specific solution(s) delivering this important capability to the client.


MarketPOWER adds videoconferencing, tops 1,850 on Twitter

Instant video meetings speed interaction, support sustainability

Oceanside, CA, USA | 29 October 2009 – MarketPOWER™, LLC continues to expand its interactive capabilities and online presence in the fourth quarter of 2009 with the launch of its new POWERcam videoconferencing capabilities and a burgeoning roster of followers on Twitter, where MarketPOWER is currently connected with 1,851 followers.

The new videoconferencing capabilities mean that “we can connect instantly with anyone via Skype, Microsoft Live Meeting and other videoconference services,” said MarketPOWER’s Jeff Cotrupe. Continue reading “MarketPOWER adds videoconferencing, tops 1,850 on Twitter”

MarketPOWER, LLC achieves interactive landmarks

More than 1,000 followers on Twitter

Oceanside, CA, USA | 20 June 2009 – MarketPOWER™, LLC announced it has achieved some online marketing landmarks as it continues to develop ways to build interactive presence and value for its clients. MarketPOWER has raised its Alexa ranking from the top 25% on May 15 to inside the top 10 today: Its Alexa ranking at press time was 2,173,779 (top 7.76%). The firm achieved two top-10 same-search results on Bing and raised its WebsiteGrader ranking from 50 to 74 (out of 100) in just the past week, and Jeff Cotrupe said that Grader score should continue to rise with several pending external linkages and reindexes by July 1.

The story is just as compelling on Twitter, where from a standing start in February 2009 the firm’s Twitter persona has amassed more than 1,000 followers and achieved a TwitterGrader score of 97 out of 100. Continue reading “MarketPOWER, LLC achieves interactive landmarks”