MarketPOWER, LLC dialogues with fast-growing follower base on Twitter


MarketPOWER™, LLC has now acquired its 500th follower on what is currently the hottest social media site on the planet, the Twitter microblog. Three months ago the firm’s Twitter persona, based here, had five followers. “We try to post a variety of updates, known as Tweets, to make it worth your while,” said MarketPOWER’s Jeff Cotrupe. “It includes hard business news–usually news-you-can-use calls to action–to my takes on major issues of the day in virtually any arena, to just-for-fun items such as, ‘We watched Jim Gaffigan’s new comedy special and laughed until we cried.’ We also avoid dominating the site with inside chatter; you go to some Twitter sites and that’s all you see, and it’s great because it’s freedom of expression, but I know when I go to one like that I feel like, ‘I just got here and I’m already left out.’ Ours is a stream-of-consciousness attempt to connect in some way with anyone who visits our nest.”

UPDATE May 18, 2009: MarketPOWER, LLC, now has 744 followers on Twitter. Continue reading