Forget Butler, Duke, LeBron and Kobe: Big news in March/April 2010 is MarketPOWER hitting “3′s”

Gallery hits Google PageRank 3 for all pages

MarketPOWER, LLC’s core website has achieved a Google page ranking of 3 (out of 10), not just for the home page but for all supporting pages: Capabilities, Resources, About and portfolio/samples pages Product Management, Advertising-Design-PR, Guerilla/Event Marketing and Research & Analysis. Jeff Cotrupe’s XeeSM page, with links to 90 of his most important business and social networking sites, has achieved a Google PageRank of 4; his Twitter site (and in fairness, many other Twitter sites) has a PageRank of 9. MarketPOWER, has increased its HubSpot WebSite Grader ranking from 84 to 89 (out  of 100) since the last assessment and on 15 March 2010, Cotrupe achieved a top-10 search result on Google for a search on the phrase “is Twitter a waste of time” [no quote marks on actual search] for this piece on MarketBLOG (also published here on Talent Zoo).

“Attaining positive web rankings is, like many other things, a product of the right content, specialized expertise and hard work,” said Jeff Cotrupe, who added that he hopes to soon do the same for research & consulting firm TBR. “In my view TBR is the best-kept secret in the research & consulting business, but if I have my way it won’t be for long.”

About MarketPOWER, LLC
MarketPOWER is a strategic consulting firm of Jeff Cotrupe, whose expertise in product management, marketing, research and writing has helped companies generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, M&A and investment capital. Cotrupe is a former practice leader for Gartner (NYSE: IT) and director at ADC Telecommunications (Nasdaq: ADCT).



MarketPOWER, LLC achieves interactive landmarks

More than 1,000 followers on Twitter

MarketPOWER™, LLC announced it has achieved some online marketing landmarks as it continues to develop ways to build interactive presence and value for its clients. MarketPOWER has raised its Alexa ranking from the top 25% on May 15 to inside the top 10 today: Its Alexa ranking at press time was 2,173,779 (top 7.76%). The firm achieved two top-10 same-search results on Bing and raised its WebsiteGrader ranking from 50 to 74 (out of 100) in just the past week, and Jeff Cotrupe said that Grader score should continue to rise with several pending external linkages and reindexes by July 1.

The story is just as compelling on Twitter, where from a standing start in February 2009 the firm’s Twitter persona has amassed more than 1,000 followers and achieved a TwitterGrader score of 97 out of 100. Continue reading