MarketPOWER, LLC achieves interactive landmarks

More than 1,000 followers on Twitter

MarketPOWER™, LLC announced it has achieved some online marketing landmarks as it continues to develop ways to build interactive presence and value for its clients. MarketPOWER has raised its Alexa ranking from the top 25% on May 15 to inside the top 10 today: Its Alexa ranking at press time was 2,173,779 (top 7.76%). The firm achieved two top-10 same-search results on Bing and raised its WebsiteGrader ranking from 50 to 74 (out of 100) in just the past week, and Jeff Cotrupe said that Grader score should continue to rise with several pending external linkages and reindexes by July 1.

The story is just as compelling on Twitter, where from a standing start in February 2009 the firm’s Twitter persona has amassed more than 1,000 followers and achieved a TwitterGrader score of 97 out of 100.

“We are understandably proud of our progress to this point,” said Cotrupe, “but while we are as focused as anyone on making those web metrics soar, the next question I ask people is: What impact are you having on the business?” Cotrupe and MarketPOWER have helped employers and clients ring up hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, acquisitions and investment capital, all documented on its site. “One of the links on our home page shows how we’ve been able to position a tiny LLC side-by-side with industry giants including Accenture, Alcatel-Lucent, BearingPoint, Capgemini, Deloitte and TechTarget. We are now listed on global business directories such as Dun & Bradstreet and Hoovers, and local/regional listings including Yahoo!, Google Maps and even Mapquest. I believe that’s what you call interactive success—and branding.”

One factor used by WebsiteGrader works against MarketPOWER and other firms who operate blogs off-site rather than on the core site. “WebsiteGrader does not credit us, nor others who host blogs on world-class blogging platforms such as WordPress and TypePad, with even having a blog,” he said. MarketPOWER hosts its blog and online newsroom on WordPress, and has helped clients host blogs and things like frequent beneficial product updates that way, all linked from the core site and all blogs linked back to the core site as well as crosslinked to each other. “First, we believe no one should be posting news releases and newsletters on static pages anymore. They deserve to be on something like WordPress, which automatically accelerates their penetration out into the blogosphere due to the active role WordPress plays in promoting and sharing blogs across its massive global blogging community. That’s one reason you’re seeing more and more companies dispense with their ‘traditional’ site and move their online presence lock, stock and barrel to these blogging platforms.” Next, he said, MarketPOWER grooms all feeds with FeedBurner [now part of the Google empire] and goes beyond merely offering an RSS feed to providing site visitors one-click access to the top 20+ RSS readers. “If you look at our feeds in a reader, for example Google Reader, which is the one I use most, our blogs and news feeds don’t resemble DOS text; they appear exactly as they do on the page, including the animation inserts.”

Cotrupe said he plans to speak with the HubSpot, which offers various flavors of Graders for websites, Twitter personas, Facebook pages and news releases. “Companies like HubSpot, WordPress, ShareThis, Add To Any, Atomz, and let’s not forget Twitter and Google, are putting miraculous capabilties at all of our fingertips, largely for free,” he noted. “We just want HubSpot to tweak WebsiteGrader to give us all credit for hosting things like blogs and newsrooms on the optimal platform.”

About MarketPOWER, LLC
MarketPOWER is a strategic consulting firm of Jeff Cotrupe, whose expertise in product management, marketing, research and writing has helped companies generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, M&A and investment capital. Cotrupe is a former practice leader for Gartner (NYSE: IT) and director at ADC Telecommunications (Nasdaq: ADCT).


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