Stratecast Confidential: The Impact of the NSA on the Big Data Market—and Global Communications


Jeff Cotrupe’s report spotlights NSA’s inspection beyond “infrastructure” to user content (calls, emails, Web interactions, and even Angry Birds)

Stratecast has published Jeff Cotrupe’s report Stratecast Confidential: The Impact of the NSA on the Big Data Market—and Global Communications. Stratecast spoke briefly with the National Security Agency (NSA) in connection with the report, and the NSA, perhaps not surprisingly, refused to officially provide content or comments for publication. Among others, Stratecast did speak with Salil Vadhan of Harvard University*, whose work in the emerging field of differential privacy is relevant to issues surrounding not only the NSA but also companies in the private sector, as well as academia.

The report’s key findings include:

  • Through secret initiatives with codenames such as PRISM and MUSCULAR, the NSA has obtained direct access to much of the electronic communication in the U.S., as well as credit card transactions.
  • The NSA claims to only be interested in metadata, “data about the data,” such as call times and duration, and not the actual content of messages. However, the NSA has also been working with its U.K. counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), to crack Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, which protects the content of communications and transactions executed via the Web.
  • While privacy is already threatened or extinct in a growing number of places, the NSA’s actions are accelerating and expanding this phenomenon, and since electronic communications are the lifeblood of a great deal of commercial activity, the NSA may also begin to have a chilling effect on the U.S. economy.

The report is available to clients of Stratecast’s Big Data & Analytics (BDA) growth partnership practice, with summary content posted here.

* Salil Vadhan is a Vicky Joseph Professor of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics; Director, Center for Research on Computation & Society; and Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies, Applied Mathematics, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, at Harvard University.

Information Week quotes Jeff Cotrupe in 3 Big Data Pitfalls to Avoid


3 Big Data Pitfalls To Avoid - for mP+ InformationWeek 02-05-2014

Information Week featured quotes and Stratecast analysis by Jeff Cotrupe today in a piece about how big data neophytes should consider obtaining professional guidance in order to avoid three common deployment mistakes. The article, 3 Big Data Pitfalls to Avoid, along with commentary by Cotrupe in response to reader questions, appears here.

Stratecast publishes Jeff Cotrupe’s report: The Human Bounce Rate


Can (and Should) Retail/Wi-Fi Analytics Help Retailers Survive in the Age of Amazon?

RETAIL!Stratecast has published Jeff Cotrupe’s report The Human Bounce Rate: Can (and Should) Retail/Wi-Fi Analytics Help Retailers Survive in the Age of Amazon? The report analyzes crucial issues facing the retail industry, which contributes approximately $4 trillion to the economy in the U.S. alone. This massive industry faces sizable challenges including the struggling global economy; The Age of E-tailing (or more brand-specifically, The Age of Amazon); “showrooming,” which occurs when consumers shop for items at retail stores, where they can see, touch, and even try out items, then buy the identical items online at lower cost; and The Battleground in the Aisles, where consumers with mobile apps on their smartphones compare items for sale in the store where they are shopping, not only with Amazon and other e-tailers but also with other retailers within easy driving distance.

“If retailers are to survive, they must find ways to engage with shoppers, or, at minimum, to better understand what shoppers want,” said Jeff Cotrupe, who leads the Big Data & Analytics (BDA) program for Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan. “A new Big Data-driven solution that offers specific, relevant insights retailers need is what we term Retail/Wi-Fi Analytics, or RWA.” RWA gathers data from the Media Access Control (MAC) addresses of mobile devices within a given area, applying location and other advanced analytics to the data to provide insights quite similar to those offered by online analytics systems. Arguably the most interesting metric, in Stratecast’s view, and one that inspired the title of the report, is whether a shopper spends enough time in a store to fit the retailer’s established profile of a likely buyer. If not, some RWA systems consider the shopper to have “bounced.” This is similar to online analytics platforms that consider a visitor who leaves a site too soon to be likely to make a conversion (such as a purchase, registering for an event, or requesting more information) to have bounced. Cotrupe terms the rate at which shoppers bounce The Human Bounce Rate.

The report also deals with the issues of privacy that such shopper data collection raises. It discusses efforts underway in governing bodies, such as the U.S. Congress, and by consumer watchdog groups, to protect consumers from what may be unwanted intrusion into their personal (or at least shopping) space. The report, which carries Stratecast product code BDA 1-05, analyzes the differences in how data is collected by different RWA systems, and opt-out mechanisms that vendors and their retailer customers are adopting to stay ahead of regulators. The report also makes some pointed recommendations about how retailers should turn privacy negatives into revenue positives.

This Stratecast report is designed to benefit a wide range of readers, including every retail or e-tail organization, and individual retailers of all types and sizes; every brand that sells through either the retail or e-tail channels; every brand that utilizes mobile technologies for sales and retention activity; and every company that plays a role, or could, in equipping retailers to better compete.

Jeff Cotrupe presents Big Data: Let’s Cut Through the Hype and Get Serious


Part of BrightTALK IT Operations Analytics in Service Management Summit

PIX_BrightTALK 11-20-2013

Jeff Cotrupe presented Big Data: Let’s Cut Through the Hype and Get Serious, on 20 November. His talk, which is available for on-demand viewing here, is part of BrightTALK’s Summit on IT Operations Analytics in Service Management. Cotrupe’s presentation spotlights a delicious irony in the market for Big Data, analytics, and business intelligence (BI): “There’s way too much data [and confusion] about Big Data.” Cotrupe cuts through the clutter, gets down to specifics, and maps out a strategy for what you need to be doing about Big Data–right now–to make sure you cover all your (data) bases and get the most out of your data management investment. That includes things such as systems monitoring and management, to keep that Big Data flowing and help IT respond to infrastructure issues.

To view his talk, register here. Registration is free, and viewers can opt out of marketing mail from BrightTalk by unchecking three boxes.

Using big data to put a big hurt on an $18.4 billion problem


Stratecast publishes Jeff Cotrupe’s latest Stratecast Perspectives & Insights for Executives (SPIE) report

Using Big Data to Put a Big Hurt on Communications Fraud 08-12-2013

Stratecast has published Jeff Cotrupe’s latest research report, Using Big Data to Put a Big Hurt on Communications Fraud. The opening section of the report introduces the topic this way:

As the use of smart devices proliferates around the globe, communications service providers (CSPs) are dining on huge new revenue opportunities—and an equal helping of financial risk. The Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA)* …defines it as the use of telecommunications products or services without intention to pay. Committing communications fraud is serious business, and to borrow a phrase from a major motion picture, “business is a-booming.”** The CFCA’s most recent figures indicate that communications fraud represents an $18.4 billion risk.

To obtain a copy of this or any Stratecast or Frost & Sullivan report, or to subscribe to any of their research programs, readers may contact +1 877 463 7678 or

* The CFCA combats the problem of communications fraud; the industry group’s global membership consists of approximately 200 different telecommunications carriers, private network owners, law enforcement officers, communications end users, and others. The CFCA also works with other industry organizations including the TM Forum and The Forum for the International Irregular Network Access (FIINA) to combat communications fraud. The CFCA does not endorse any vendor or its products. Each company should do its own due diligence when selecting a fraud management solution.
** Inglourious Basterds (2009), Quentin Tarantino and Universal Pictures

Stratecast publishes Jeff Cotrupe’s landmark report on the big data market: The World Moves Fast, and Data Is Driving


Big Data pix for mP+Stratecast has just published Jeff Cotrupe’s report, The World Moves Fast, and Data Is Driving, Part 1. The report is the first by either Stratecast or its parent company, Frost & Sullivan, to present a global overview–including key issues, structure, models, sizing, and growth forecast–of the market for Big Data, analytics, and business intelligence (BI) solutions.

“All of the hype in global business markets about Big Data is creating, well, too much data about Big Data, and sowing confusion in the market,” states the first sentence of the report. As a result, Cotrupe set forth to cut through the clutter: defining and analyzing what Big Data is and why it is important; providing specific recommendations for what organizations must do about Big Data to enhance operational and revenue performance, in the form of a detailed functional blueprint; and establishing market size and opportunity through 2017.

Part 2 of the series will analyze providers of Big Data, analytics, and BI solutions and services: strategies, offerings, and relative competitive positions, including market shares.

Jeff Cotrupe: $400,000 Man


Final data on Jeff Cotrupe’s 2012 performance at Stratecast show that Cotrupe’s direct personal revenue contribution to the company was in excess of $400,000. That compares favorably with industry benchmarks associated with, for example, successful software companies, which post $200,000-250,000 in revenue per employee. Since joining Stratecast, Cotrupe’s 2010-12 personal and team revenues have exceeded plan, and preliminary results indicate this positive revenue momentum is continuing in 2013.

Cotrupe has helped organizations generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, M&A, and investment capital in:

  • Technology/B2B sectors
  • Consumer markets including automotive, electronics, and travel/hospitality
  • Public sector including U.S. federal government, Department of Defense (DoD), state and local governments, and education

Jeff Cotrupe earns professional certifications from Rackspace and Microsoft


Jeff Cotrupe earned two new professional certifications in December: he is now Rackspace Cloud University Certified and an Accredited BingAds Professional.

Cloud U badge_greyThe Cloud University certification serves as recognition that Cotrupe has a strong understanding of the key elements of Cloud Computing and how they can be applied in business.

The BingAds accreditation Accredited BingAds Professionalsignifies that Cotrupe has BingAds expertise and account management experience, and has been certified in the BingAds Find A Pro Directory.

“Earning Cloud certification from the world’s 2nd-leading Cloud services provider, and accreditation from the #2 search and content advertising network, is exciting,” said Cotrupe. “I appreciate the chance to enhance my knowledge and skillset in ways that can create business value and opportunities.” Rackspace leads all others except Amazon, and BingAds trails only Google, in their respective markets.

Jeff Cotrupe presents Best Practices Award to Sitecore President and talks big data with its CEO


Presentation and interview take place at Sitecore Symposium 2012

VIDEO: Jeff Cotrupe, Stratecast, interviews Michael Seifert, Sitecore


Jeff Cotrupe presented the 2012 Best Practices Award for Technology Innovation in Customer Engagement Platforms to Sitecore at Sitecore Symposium 2012 in Las Vegas. Cotrupe made the presentation to Sitecore USA President Bjarne Hansen. Also at the event, Cotrupe interviewed Sitecore CEO Michael Seifert. In this video of that exchange, the two discuss the Award and the major challenges and opportunities in Big Data, business intelligence (BI) and analytics.

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Jeff Cotrupe evangelizes Stratecast research program through global speaking and media venues


Jeff Cotrupe, who launched a new research program for Stratecast in 4Q2011, is on the road in 2012 to propel the growth of the new program. Analytics, Customer Experience & Marketing (ACEM), pronounced “ace-em,” is, in Cotrupe’s words, focused on “the intelligent application of analytics in business and life,” and he is speaking on analytics and business intelligence (BI) topics in a series of high-profile venues. In March he was quoted in Destination CRM on Pegasystems’ addition of social media monitoring to its existing customer relationship management (CRM) platform. On 1 May his white paper Democratizing BI: Enterprise-quality Analytics for Midsized Companies began appearing at the NEWS link of his Stratecast client CloudTrigger. On 14 May Cotrupe speaks on “BI & Data Warehouse Market Trends and CSP Initiatives” at the InTouch 2012 business forum (Twitter: #intouch12) in Miami, FL, USA, hosted by his Stratecast client and global communications software leader Amdocs. On 22 May Cotrupe speaks on a panel, “Opportunities and Challenges of Multiscreen Video Delivery,” at Management World 2012 (Twitter: #mwd12) in Dublin, Ireland. Continue reading