Stratecast publishes Jeff Cotrupe’s landmark report on the big data market: The World Moves Fast, and Data Is Driving


Big Data pix for mP+Stratecast has just published Jeff Cotrupe’s report, The World Moves Fast, and Data Is Driving, Part 1. The report is the first by either Stratecast or its parent company, Frost & Sullivan, to present a global overview–including key issues, structure, models, sizing, and growth forecast–of the market for Big Data, analytics, and business intelligence (BI) solutions.

“All of the hype in global business markets about Big Data is creating, well, too much data about Big Data, and sowing confusion in the market,” states the first sentence of the report. As a result, Cotrupe set forth to cut through the clutter: defining and analyzing what Big Data is and why it is important; providing specific recommendations for what organizations must do about Big Data to enhance operational and revenue performance, in the form of a detailed functional blueprint; and establishing market size and opportunity through 2017.

Part 2 of the series will analyze providers of Big Data, analytics, and BI solutions and services: strategies, offerings, and relative competitive positions, including market shares.


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