MarketPOWER deploys series of white papers for India-based IT service provider HCL


MarketPOWER™, LLC recently completed a series of white papers for HCL Technologies. HCL is the world’s #1 managed service provider (MSP), a leading IT service provider and the leading manufacturer of computers in India.

The first paper, titled Business Service Management via Remote Infrastructure Management: Gateway to Business Service Availability, is a wakeup call to IT leaders to run IT like a business. MarketPOWER’s research indicates that only 40% of software buyers are using management tools to manage outsourcing, and that the majority of those surveyed said these tools are simply not aligned with their businesses. Aligning IT to the business enables IT managers to provide business service management to their companies, and MSPs are uniquely qualified to deliver BSM via remote infrastructure management. MarketPOWER research indicates that companies of all types—even in the operations/business support systems (OSS/BSS) market, where multimillion-dollar, multi-year custom software development and integration contracts have been as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning—are saying, “I do not want one more company to sell me another piece of software.” Instead they want to buy software via software as a service (SaaS) or as part of a managed services contract. MarketPOWER is projecting that applications delivered via the SaaS model will command 30% of the software market by 2010.

The next paper prepared by MarketPOWER for HCL is Data Center Migration: Perils and Pitfalls, Best Practices and Business Benefits. MarketPOWER estimates data center migration is currently a $7 billion global market. This figure includes software, hardware, service, consulting, ongoing maintenance and the additional human resources, both short-term and ongoing, required to effect successful migrations. It does not include the opportunity cost of reallocated human resources inside the company that is undergoing the migration; in other words, those who are not specifically part of any DCM budget line item—in that many companies do not even have a discrete budget for DCM—yet whose talents (and bottom line: time) are reallocated to the migration as needed. “Software migrations, data migrations, rolling out new applications enterprise-wide or even adding a whole facility’s worth of new users are in-patient procedures; a data center migration is major surgery,” said MarketPOWER, LLC’s Jeff Cotrupe. Also included is a section on “DCM Gone Wild” (Wrong), chronicling some particularly egregious examples of how not to do DCM, followed by DCM best practices and a checklist for carefully choosing a DCM provider, and the benefits/payoffs of DCM done right.

The latest document in the series is a landmark report on implementing green techniques in the information technology industry entitled Green IT: Global Imperative. Good For the Planet. Good For Your Business. The report makes the connection between good corporate citizenship and good business, giving many specific examples of the potentially massive savings companies can reap through green IT that go straight to the bottom line. One of the core precepts of the report is that too much of what passes for “green IT” today is pure hype and repackaging of products as green by companies hoping only to generate “green” of another kind by catching the global warming wave. The report creates linkages to the world’s regulators and other respected entities with regard to meeting established benchmarks and includes a green IT checklist, framework and data center assessment.

About MarketPOWER, LLC
MarketPOWER is a strategic consulting firm of Jeff Cotrupe, whose expertise in product management, marketing, research and writing has helped companies generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, M&A and investment capital. Cotrupe is a former practice leader for Gartner (NYSE: IT) and director at ADC Telecommunications (Nasdaq: ADCT).


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