Japan’s Nikkei IT Pro publishes Jeff’s analysis of how auto industry and society can reap $800/vehicle from Big Data

Nikkei IT Pro
Nikkei, one of Japan’s largest media companies, has published an analysis by Jeff Cotrupe, Industry Director, Big Data & Analytics, Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan, titled How the Automotive Industry (and Society) Can Reap $800 in Benefit per Vehicle from Big Data. The piece discusses how change is sweeping the automotive market, creating new challenges for everyone with a stake in the business, but how, by harnessing Big Data, the automotive industry is positioning itself to survive and prosper. Big Data is now informing and optimizing every part of the industry, including concept and design; assembly line; supply chain management; service; finance and marketing; and aftermarket or third-party sales. The piece is available in Japanese here and in English translation here.


Major multimedia month for Jeff Cotrupe

Oceanside, CA, USA | 02 April 2011 – In March 2011, media brought us some of the saddest and most shocking images in recorded history as multiple earthquakes and a tsunami devastated Japan. Jeff Cotrupe shared links about the tragedy, called the world community to action on Twitter and Facebook and contributed to disaster relief via the International Federation of the Red Cross. At the same time he was thankful for better media developments closer to home.

In early March, Cotrupe, global program director at Stratecast, conducted a series of interviews about the IBM Systems Director product line with executives and customers at the IBM Pulse 2011 event in Las Vegas. Continue reading “Major multimedia month for Jeff Cotrupe”

Jeff Cotrupe now reaches 6,000 followers on Twitter

Oceanside, CA, USA | 27 March 2011 – Jeff Cotrupe announced that MarketPOWER, LLC’s Twitter site today went over the 6,000-follower mark. The site had 3,000 followers on April 15, 2010, and has now doubled its follower count in less than a year. “Charlie Sheen can roll out of bed, hurl his latest round of venom at CBS executives or a co-star and add his next quarter-million followers by lunchtime,” said Cotrupe, “so obviously we’re not talking about world-record follower counts. Yet having more followers than many of even the more sizable companies who follow, and engaging in fruitful dialogues with them, makes it feel like we’re reaching the right kinds of followers for the right reasons.” Continue reading “Jeff Cotrupe now reaches 6,000 followers on Twitter”