Jeff Cotrupe adds portal to MarketPOWER


Also invited to be MyLikes Influencer

MarketPOWER, LLC is now an Associate, an affiliate of Amazon, and has opened an portal on the site. “This means site visitors can shop–and not limited categories, or items handpicked by us, but ALL of–right here on our site,” said Jeff Cotrupe.  The page displays a rotating selection of items including pricing and ratings, and shoppers can either click on a featured item or use the clickdown Category menu and open search window to find whatever they like. Visitors start on the MarketPOWER site and when they click on an item, a new window opens taking them right to the item on “Same Amazon, same endless universe of items, same pricing, but if you buy something during that click sequence I earn a small percentage on the sale,” said Cotrupe, adding that he hopes visitors will bookmark the portal as their Amazon start page. Continue reading