Jeff Cotrupe appears on FOX Small Business and Business News Daily discussing how Big Data increases customer loyalty


Fox Small Business Center 04-30-2014 Customer loyalty
Stratecast Industry Director quoted with BIA/Kelsey, eGifter, and Manta

Thoughts by Jeff Cotrupe on how Big Data enables and enhances customer loyalty programs are appearing now on FOX Small Business and Business News Daily. “I value these opportunities to speak to the market and the world about how complex technology areas such as Big Data are creating tangible benefits and opportunities in our day-to-day work and lives,” said Cotrupe, who is Industry Director, Big Data & Analytics (BDA), at Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan. He added that it is also an honor to appear in these respected media venues with Jed Williams, VP strategic consulting at business research and consulting firm BIA/Kelsey; with Tyler Roye, CEO and co-founder of e-gift card retailer eGifter; and with small business directory and online community Manta.

The piece appears here on FOX Small Business Center and here on Business News Daily. Cotrupe credited Britni Myers for “doing the best job anyone has ever done at using the marketing and public relations might of Frost & Sullivan to promote BDA and all growth partnership practices at Stratecast.” The result, said Cotrupe, is welcome media attention such as this, driving new business and research opportunities.