Welcome! I’m Jeff Cotrupe, and until most of our business unit was downsized recently, I was Industry Director, Big Data and Analytics (BDA), Stratecast: a strategic SWAT team inside Frost & Sullivan that helped clients make smarter, faster decisions to capitalize on market opportunities. My product was up 26% YoY in 2017, and on track for a record revenue year in 2018. So the trajectory was great.

I may have been downsized, but I’m up for my next opportunity. Bring it on! The Connections page on this site gives you all my contact points and web venues in one place.

You are at ground zero of my branded home on the Web (thanks, WordPress!), but this is only the beginning:

  • On computer: on your left are recent NEWS+ posts
  • On mobile: here or in menu above click Home  to view recent posts
  • On all platforms, here or in menu, click:
    Resume  to view my resume
    Product Track Record to view products (and in some cases, companies) I’ve named, launched, marketed, and managed
    Connections to connect with me on networks
    On Demand Webinars to access on demand replays of webinars I lead for Stratecast

A brief selection of samples of my work is available for review and download in Dropbox


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