Stratecast client Comarch promotes Jeff Cotrupe’s white paper about how Big Data enhances customer loyalty

Comarch WP
Oceanside, CA, USA, 01 April 2014 – Comarch, a long-standing operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS) and analytics provider based in Poland, commissioned a Stratecast white paper to be written by Jeff Cotrupe. The piece, Injecting OSS/BSS with Big Data Yields Big Dividends for Operators through Customer Loyalty, now appears on the Comarch site. An excerpt asserts that telecom operators are challenged, first, to retain customers, and then to retain them profitably:

Operators today are facing a new problem: the Vanishing Customer. Subscribers are leaving mobile operators. If they do not leave outright, they stay, using fewer mobile calling services (or service units), and providing the operator with lower average revenue per unit (ARPU). As operators attempt to shift their revenue models to match customer usage models—providing all-you-can-eat calling and messaging, but imposing metered data plans—customers are changing lanes, too, using data largely or solely via Wi-Fi, and using free videoconferencing services.

The white paper appears here and is available in seconds with free registration.


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