Information Week chats with Jeff Cotrupe about Big Data, retailers, shoppers, and privacy

InformationWeek-RETAIL 01-17-2014

Oceanside, CA, USA, 18 January 2014 – Information Week’s Jeff Bertolucci spoke with Jeff Cotrupe this week about how retail/Wi-Fi analytics, also known as in-store analytics, is equipping retailers to survive in the Age of Amazon–and how it works so well that consumer protection and privacy advocates are raising concerns. The resulting article, Privacy Fears Hit Retailers’ Big Data Analytics Plans, along with commentary by Jeff in response to reader questions, appears here.


About Jeff Cotrupe

Leader. Player/coach. Analyst. Revenue generator | Core professional disciplines: products, digital marketing, and competitive intelligence | Technology expertise: #bigdata #analytics #NoSQL #internetofthings (#IoT) #artificialintelligence (#AI) #cognitive #retail #ecommerce #CX #locationanalytics #privacy #cybersecurity
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