Jeff Cotrupe now reaches 6,000 followers on Twitter

Oceanside, CA, USA | 27 March 2011 – Jeff Cotrupe announced that MarketPOWER, LLC’s Twitter site today went over the 6,000-follower mark. The site had 3,000 followers on April 15, 2010, and has now doubled its follower count in less than a year. “Charlie Sheen can roll out of bed, hurl his latest round of venom at CBS executives or a co-star and add his next quarter-million followers by lunchtime,” said Cotrupe, “so obviously we’re not talking about world-record follower counts. Yet having more followers than many of even the more sizable companies who follow, and engaging in fruitful dialogues with them, makes it feel like we’re reaching the right kinds of followers for the right reasons.” Recent tweets on the site have:

  • Announced new Stratecast reports such as “Deploying LTE – Construction Is the Easy Part” by a member of Cotrupe’s OSSCS team, Nancee Ruzicka, and one of Cotrupe’s own reports, “Mobile Advertising Building Blocks: Subscribers, Networks and Platforms.”
  • Expressed sorrow over the disastrous effects of the earthquake and tsunami on Japan and linked to the Red Cross with a call for donations.
  • Charted the travels of two Stratecast teammates–Karl Whitelock of Cotrupe’s OSSCS team and Director of Business Development Perry Somers–through Tokyo from mid-March through early April to present Stratecast summits in Singapore and Australia.
  • Implored followers to contribute to (or join) the Cotrupe family’s team in the  American Cancer Society’s upcoming Relay For Life at Mira Costa College in Oceanside.
  • Noted that while head man Jeff Smisek’s pre-flight movies say travelers will like the results of the  merger of United Airlines and Continental, Cotrupe is not loving logistical issues the merger is generating.
  • Cited Cisco Systems as a social media infrastructure provider/enabler for powering 100 sites including that of one of the hottest bands on the planet, Paramore.
  • Taken a company to task for what he termed the bonehead move of the year, specifically using the word “tsunami” to pitch some mundane consumer product.

About Jeff Cotrupe
Jeff Cotrupe is a Global Program Director, OSS/BSS Global Competitive Strategies (OSSCS) at Stratecast, a division of Frost & Sullivan. Cotrupe has launched and managed more than 20 products and services to help employers and clients generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, M&A and capital.


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